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The Podcast

A description of just what Department3C Presents: A Podcast Connected to Fire is all about

At the forefront, Severen Henderson is a First Responder, and in what he likes to call his "parallel career" he is a seasoned entrepreneur. In one of his entrepreneurial journeys, he's a podcast host, and Department3C Presents: A Podcast Connected to Fire is just what the title says. A Podcast. Join Severen as he hosts a show about ANYTHING that could be connected to first response and especially fire. Check out each episode as Severen connects listeners to a show that is like no other, and is completely unique. Episodes have been about a wide variety of topics and have included episodes on many issues that affect first responders. The episodes of this podcast have covered topics concerning human trafficking, Mental health, and physical health inside and outside of the first response industry, emotional intelligence, and how to function while on and off duty. Cooking, recipes, and tips as suggestions for the firehouse and home. Workouts to perform while on and off duty. Personal hobbies. And focus on being an entrepreneur and business owner while off duty are all topics that Severen has addressed. Each episode is bound to bring something new and exciting to your podcast listening experience. Quite like being a first responder, where you never know what each call will bring. That's the approach that Severen brings to this podcast each and every episode. An interesting variety of topics that are sure to capture and keep your attention on the show! The Podcast can be found at Department3C, anywhere that you listen to your favorite podcasts.



Hey New Guy! The Candidates Guide to a Long Strong Healthy Career.

Authored and Self Published by Severen Henderson, Hey New Guy! It is a book about making it in the world of public safety, especially within the Fire Department. The book walks the reader through their first days in deciding on a career. Well into a candidate's ongoing career. The book has conversations about the world of public safety from the application process until retirement, with stories in between to help the reader relate to the author and have a keen understanding of what is necessary in the world of public safety.


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