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I Feel Great! Six Above average tips for the average person to take steps towards protecting their physical and mental health.

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I Feel Great! Six Above average tips for the average person to take steps towards protecting their physical and mental health.

I feel great!! 


I'm always 100% honest in my blog posts. What's the point of sitting around lying about what's going on. Honestly, who has time to produce that type of content, and who would I expect to read and believe it. Nobody! So while I won't put out false stories without some research, fact-checking, and the occasional corrections. I have to start this one with the statement.


"To be honest, I feel great!" -Sevy. 


OK, so what does that mean. Why am I writing about feeling great? Besides the fact that I do, and I don't mind sharing that fact. I want to publish a public record of what I've been doing to keep myself in one of the best spaces that I have been in in a very long time. Then if I ever fall back or digress, I have somewhere to look for inspiration to get back on track. In addition to that, I can also do what I love to do the most. Help other people. 


Maybe you can get some inspiration from this article. Maybe you can pick up some of what I've been doing and add it to your routine to help you feel your best. And maybe after you read this article, you can offer me some additional advice on anything else that you know that will help me stay on track. So with all that being said, let's dive in! Here are a few average things that you can do if you feel like you need a reset on your physical and mental well-being. 


1. I started using my insurance. 

This might seem to some like an actual common sense situation. But as always, what is common for some isn't common for others. I'm not saying that I never used my insurance before. I've always gone to the doctor when I needed to, like if I felt sick for a few days. And I go to the dentist regularly. But I really started paying attention to my benefits. I started using some of the services I am paying into insurance for. I didn't know that I could even take advantage of some of the services offered. So I started going to the doctor more regularly. And with going more regularly, many of my deficiencies and progressions were being tracked. This is what attempting to be healthy is all about. You can't know where you're going without knowing where you're at. 

2. I started tracking my results, whether good or bad.

Keeping track of results is positive behavior and shows you trends that you might be able to control. For me, I am not the best at keeping track consistently. But here is part of the beauty of taking advantage of insurance benefits offered to you. They do the tracking for you! Between apps, patient records, and notes, all of your doctor-patient interactions are recorded. Now the reason for all of the tracking isn't just for you. Hospitals want to keep track of their own records too. But while they are at it recording information for themselves, why not take a look and keep up with your results.


3. I started going to a chiropractor. 

So while I was at using my insurance a bit more, I sought out a chiropractor. This wasn't anything new to me. I used to go some years ago, and when I moved from one side of town to another, the practice for me just kind of fell to the wayside. I had an idea of the benefits of regular chiropractic care, so I looked for a place to start back going again. I had been feeling kind of sore from the pain of work and felt like I needed to do a bit more than stretch and get a massage every now and then. So I got on a regular schedule and started back going. And so far I can say that the results have been excellent! Now to speak to the tracking component of going to a chiropractor, the office has patients fill out a form that asks fundamental questions regarding overall health every few weeks. And not just how is your body feeling type of questions but the form also asks questions about how the patient feels mentally. 


When I first started going to the office, I filled out a form, and the results were a bit disappointing to me. When I was presented with questions that asked me how I was feeling mentally, I was surprised at my results. I didn't realize that I was in such a negative space mentally. I knew that I had some life stress going on, but I didn't quite realize how bad it was until I was asked questions about my mental well-being. I think my initial results were somewhere around a 4 on a scale of 0 to 10. Forty percent! And we all know that 40% is a failing score. 


In the following weeks, I saw my scores go up mentally, and my body ached a bit less. Between stretching, back cracks, massage gun sessions, x-ray's and great conversation with the staff, I felt a definite upswing in my mood and attitude. I could actually feel myself getting better not only physically but also mentally. I'm still not at my ever so sought out 10 mentioned earlier, but currently, I'm at a solid 8. And eighty is better than forty! And as far as letter grades, a B is better than a C. And while "C's earn degrees," B's... Well, I don't know what ex- actually B's do besides mean that you pass. But you get the point! Improvement was shown, and it was tracked by the office. 


When I first started going, the doctor told me all of the benefits that I could expect. He told me that I would sleep better, have more energy, and possibly grow an inch or two. And again, by keeping track by filling out forms and seeing the results on the x-ray, everything that he told me that would happen did, in fact, happen. And the results have just continued to trend up. 


4. Water, water, water!

I'm a person that actually likes to drink water. I drink enough water to taste the difference between different brands. I can even taste the difference between a city's water filtration when I travel! But I decided to turn my water consumption up. Way up! While clicking around online, I found a water consumption calculator. The calculator takes your weight in pounds or kilograms, the type of climate you live in, and how active your lifestyle is. Once you input the information, you receive a calculation of how much water you should be drinking in ounces. My number was 117oz. Now that I knew my number, I got a few water bottles with the ounces listed on the bottle. Every day I drink as much water as I need to get to that 117oz. of water. Additionally, I force myself to not enjoy any other type of beverage until my personal water requirement is met. 


Without adequately tracking, I can say that my skin is clearer, my body feels more refreshed, and I'm not as hungry for foods that aren't the best for me as often. Now I'm not saying I only drink water and don't have the occasional pop, juice, or alcoholic beverage. But when I do, my body processes and eliminates those vice consumption decisions a bit more effectively. And having an efficient body is what it's all about. 


5. Whisper Sync-reading.

This is an oldie but goodie for me. I've stated this before and have received different advice regarding this topic. But I still purchase Audible books, listen first, and then read later. Now, this is a waste of money sometimes if you think about it. Because of the way that the system for purchases is set up, I pay twice for one book. I like to buy the audiobook first, and then if it's a good book and I'm really feeling it, I'll repurchase it to have and to actually read. The way that the system is supposed to go is that the reader usually buys the book. And then, for a discounted rate, you can purchase the audible version of the book. See, if I feel like the book is that good, the author deserves an audio and visual sale. 


All of this reading also allows me to do more writing. I get to read and hear different opinions other than my own and my buddies. I learn new things and stay informed on topics that interest me. And those things just make the average person that much more imaginative. 


6. I started paying attention to my gut!

Another important thing that the average person can do to take care of themselves physically and mentally is to pay attention to their gut. Some even refer to the gut as a person's second brain. I'm not talking about just trusting your gut to decide which way to go or who to trust. But really paying attention to your gut and what is called the gut-brain axis. So what exactly is a gut-brain axis, and just what am I talking about? From the website, this is the explanation of the Gut-Brain-Heart Axis.



Did you know that we have three brains? You undoubtedly know about the brain in your head. But now we know that gut feelings and following your heart are more than just turns of phrase — science has discovered that the microbes in our gut and the electrical signals from our heart are read by the brain and can dramatically influence our mood and behavior as well as our mental and physical health." -Amare Global.


If you know me or are getting to know me through my online blogs, vlogs, and podcasts, you should be able to tell that I'm pretty adventurous. I go out and try a lot of things. I'm almost like Jim Carrey's character in "Yes Man ."If you aren't familiar with the movie or his role as Carl Allen, he was a lawyer paralyzed by life's stressors. He was scared to say yes to anything. So he challenged himself to say 'YES' to everything for an entire year! So without having to challenge myself, I try many things and tend to say 'yes' more than I say no. I like to describe it as throwing a lot of spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don't, but I never look at the things that didn't work out as a loss. I look at them as a lesson. Most times, it's a lesson that I learn from, but what I'm trying to do with a lot of my offerings is let you know what hasn't worked for me and why. Not every system is broken or the fault of the system. Sometimes it's just me. Some offers don't vibe. But whatever the reason, I like to record, present and let you make a sound decision. 


As stated in the quotation above, the company's name that I found and have tried their products isAmare Global. They are what is called a "Mental Wellness Company." Again if you know me or have been following me, paying attention to one's mental health is paramount. In my opinion, protecting one's mental health is the most critical thing in a person's life. I strive to be a true advocate of the process of taking care of yourself. And taking care of yourself is taking care of what you have going on mentally first. For me, I love and live to help people who really need help. I can't do that, though, if I'm not right in my headspace. And for most, while we can hide symptoms and put on a show for the public, in the long run, we aren't just harming ourselves by letting problems fester and not giving said problems the chance to heal. But, we are hurting those around us who depend on us. Friends, family, clients, co-workers, no matter who you are around, there are people in your life that depend on you even if you don't recognize it. So to wrap up my soapbox speech on mental health. Please take care of your body, especially mentally. That way, you can also take care of your body. And taking care of your mind and body will allow you to take care of what is near and dear to your heart.


At this point, I'd like to talk about how I found this 'Mental Wellness' company. On my Instagram page, I tend to put up posts that have to do with mental health and taking care of oneself. Some people see it and agree. Some just keep scrolling. But a person can't expect to help someone if they aren't sharing what they are up to. And what I try to stay up to is the best ways to help others. While attempting to stay up to date with potential friends, I had a person named Jeff reach out to me. Jeff commented on some of my posts about how he found the key to mental wellness and how he found and used a system backed by science.


In the online world that we live in, most people who talk to you online want something or another. Which is totally fine with me. A book titled "Sell or be Sold" is about just what the title says. Either you sell, learn how to sell, or you can and will be sold anything. Some people feel that sales are sleazy. They think of the salesperson as an individual who is only in a position for a commission. Or that the person would sell their own mother just for the chance to make a buck. That's not always the case. Sales, in my opinion, is just helping a person who has a problem find a solution. Sometimes the person knows they have a problem and actively looks for a solution. Sometimes an answer serendipitously pops up when a person least expects it. Either way, sales is a form of assistance to be offered. 


OK, so now back to Jeff and how we met. I love meeting new and interesting people, especially if they can teach me something. Remember, I feel like I'm the 'YES MAN .'So I reply with a quick "Hi" and let him know that I'm interested in learning about this gut science that improves mental wellness. Jeff and I struck up a conversation about mental health. He gave me a background on himself and how he was once overweight and depressed. He had been diagnosed with a few different negative health issues. And once he started using Amare, he noticed the majority of his signs and symptoms related to bad health disappear. 


To be honest, it seemed a bit too good to be true. Just when I was feeling as down as I remembered in recent history, along comes a guy and a program that says he knows of a science-backed product that would make me feel better mentally and physically essentially from the inside out. As much as I preach, taking care of yourself mentally. During this particular period in my life, I was very, very off mentally. I was just going through the motions of life. I was present, but I wasn't really there. I wasn't the best me that I could be for my family, friends, or co-workers. I was a shell of Severen. And to top off all of this, mentally feeling inadequate, for some odd reason, my stomach ALWAYS hurt! It was another issue that I went to see doctors about multiple times to make sure that it wasn't a serious medical issue. I was never diagnosed with anything other than IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrom), and there wasn't really anything that I could do to stop the stomach pain. I was really looking for a solution to help how bad I was feeling. 


Through our conversation, I took a type of questionnaire or exam to test my mental wellness at that time. For this particular test, I got a 2. Two out of ten. 20%. And I felt that 20%. There was no lie. There was no sugar-coating it. No kid gloves could be worn, and there seemed to be no bright side or no way out. I was stuck. And I had to figure some things out. It was one of those times where you look in the mirror and don't quite recognize yourself. I just wasn't the me that I remembered. Often, close friends and family would say the same in the most loving way that they could conjure without destroying my poor feelings! 


I'm not a big believer in fate. Even when this situation popped up in my life, I'm not going to say that it was a fate circumstance that led Amare and their products to me or me to them. But I was presented with a choice to try one more thing to make myself feel better, and I took it. 


I've been using Amare for about 2 months and still haven't even tried all of their products. But from what I did start with, I have felt my mental wellness improve drastically. I can't remember the last time that I had a stomach ache. And between using some of the products that I take and all of the other changes that I implemented in my life that I mentioned earlier in this article, I've lost around 15 lbs. 


So again, overall, I FEEL GREAT! 


As always, I know there are more things that I can and will do to keep riding this wave of positivity. No one wants to feel bad. Sometimes we don't know what we can do to help ourselves and make ourselves feel better. Often times we look for outside validation or temporary fixes to make us feel good at the moment. I feel like I'm working on the foundation and working on myself from the inside out. And for the first time in a long time, I can exclaim that I FEEL GREAT! 


If you have any additional suggestions, comments, or feedback, please don't hesitate to share. If you've read this far, thanks, and I look forward to reading what you have to offer. Links to some of the resources mentioned in the article can be found below.


-Severen Henderson


Water Intake Calculator https://www.medindia.net/patients/calculators/daily- water-requirement.asp



Chiropractic Services (This is a chain, and you can call an office near you. Or you can look up other options for services)




This article discusses a lot about health insurance. This is a reference article regarding American's and health insurance. 



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