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The Return of the Fire Pic. Why capturing the moment is a perfect way to build camaraderie and save memories.

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The Return of the Fire Pic. Why capturing the moment is a perfect way to build camaraderie and save memories.

In the Fire Service, I have noticed a returning trend. The very much welcomed a return of crew pictures. Many cool pictures are returning. To name a few, there is the... 'Post-fire picture of the crew. The "On duty at the station and all dressed up picture." And the "Off duty out and about crew bonding picture." I'm sure because of many different reasons, the practice of taking these pictures has made such a triumphant comeback. There are even complete social media pages dedicated to taking and posting these pictures for the world to see. Pages like @intothejob found on Instagram promote the "after a job" picture. And looking at the pictures, you can tell why. These pictures perfectly capture a moment of accomplishment. The pictures capture a time of family bonding as supported by our brothers and sisters in fire. And the biggest reason they look cool.


Now, just in my humble opinion, there are times when the picture isn't taken at the most appropriate moment. One of those instances would be during the fire, while the structure is still burning. Again, it's this writer's opinion. Still, it seems like the fire should be out before we are all standing around deciding whether to smile or mean mug the camera or smile. Again, that's just me. I can take this argument in a few different directions.


In the end, it's all about getting the right photo. The reason that I say that it's all about the photo is because of the following statement. LIFE IS TOO SHORT! Life is so short and so fragile that who cares what kind of photo you're taking as long as you're taking them? Who cares what the photo looks like? Or who was looking away at the time or who was around to be in it at the time? Just get a photo. At the moment, take and make the best picture you can.


A photographer I know who takes pictures around the area that I live posted about why he takes the shots and why he loves his job. He put some members he's taken photos of who have passed away in the post. The shots were casual, candid shots of the person. And while they weren't the type of pictures posed for, the shot captured the person's spirit in the photo. The photos brought fond memories and stories about the person that gave the listener extra insight into their character. Some stories were just fond memories. Some stories were teaching moments we could all learn from. Seeing the picture was the visual trigger for emotions and sharing that was quite useful to all.

Sometimes people take themselves too seriously. We always think that the world is looking at us. In reality, most people are more concerned with themselves and their own lives. The positive that we have going on for ourselves is often overlooked. The pictures taken are and shown to the world can sometimes act as reminders to the world that we exist. But we exist in a place of extraordinary! You are doing good with your life, helping others, and now you have the photo evidence to prove it! And it all came from a person taking a photo.


If you've already been a part of the 'firepic' custom, take some time to look at the pictures you already have. Most of these photos are of good times and can bring back a sense of joy relating to when the photo was taken. And if you haven't been taking pictures, now is the time to start! Almost everyone on the planet has a computer in their pocket that will allow us to take a picture now and then. Why not take a few moments out of life and use it?


I am not suggesting is that you take pictures of people or patients in precarious situations. I suggest pulling out your phone and taking a picture of yourself, or your crew, while you are all having fun. If your department or the area you work in has a dedicated photographer, ask the person to take a shot for you. Pose, don't pose. Smile or not, just get your picture taken.


Some memories are for everyone. And some are just for you. Same with photos. Specific pictures can bring up cherished stories for you to either share or just keep those special memories inside. Not every story or picture is for everyone. So if it's just for you, keep it that way. But it's much better to have it than to miss a particular moment in time.


If your job has a policy against photos on duty, please follow said policy. I'm not suggesting that you do anything to jeopardize the job that you worked so hard to get. But remember, you aren't always on duty. Use that time to take pictures of your First Responder Family. Utilize your off time to take some pictures and build some memories that you can look back on and cherish, not just for your lifetime. Still, you could pass on the photos for the next generation to appreciate, just like those stories about members that passed on. We can sit around and talk about the beautiful smell of the flowers of life while we can still smell them.


So, in conclusion, and with the thought of appreciation in mind. Stop and smell the roses. Take a picture now and then. Don't take yourself so seriously. Smile for the camera. Mean mug the camera. Do the look away. Don't look at all. Or ignore the camera entirely. Just get in a shot from a photographer's camera of choice. We all have a limited time here. So why not use that time here to build and show off some memories that might teach? Again, it's better to have a picture and ignore it than to miss the moment forever.

Severen Henderson is the Owner/Operator of Department3C. You can connect with him on most social media sites @iamsevy or  @deaprtment3c. Let's keep in contact, so please head over to our website www.department3c.com to see what we are up to! For e-mail, inquiries contact us at info@department3c.com.

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